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Part 2
About film.
I suppose that the history of this film traces its roots far beyond our lives. Before I created my ideas using pictures and music, now, like many others, I combine them using a computer. As a result, this strange film was born. I wasn't sure what genre to which it attributed, so I invented a new one: "Musical-philosophical relaxation". Of course, in lucid dreams there is no chatter that is present in the film, but without it in some moments it felt wrong. Of course it didn't out as smooth, considering this is my first film. The film was made slowly at a convenient moment, roughly about seven years. I didn't necessarily go for realism, as that was not the main objective of mine. I wanted to create something positive, but I don't know if I succedeed or not, so don't judge. The film is full of fantasy, but I also tried to take into account the laws of the subtle world. The main objective was not to deviate from the main subject, which has not be disclosed. Obviously it is necessary to disclose the subject in the next part, but everything depends on the circumstances, and it may take a long time. But the continuation all the same will be made.



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